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Join Our Reseller Program To Increase Your Revenue



With online businesses flourishing, there is a need for websites to have more traffic. Because of this, online traffic reselling services are increasingly becoming in-demand. Online traffic reselling is the method of directing a steady flow of traffic or visitors towards a website by purchasing targeted traffic and selling it to the website’s owners.

As an online traffic reseller, you get to narrow your audience down by identifying topic categories or niches and geographical markets. It’s an effortless way for you and website owners to earn from online traffic.

The different types of traffic that you may sell are the following: Country/GEO-Targeted Traffic and US State specific traffic, which allows users to choose traffic based on geographic locations and niches. Most resellers offer GEO-Targeted to start, unless you or your clients require more local traffic.
We do require a minimum purchase of 100,000 non-refundable credits to set up an account.

GEO-Targeted cost $1.99/1000 Credits

US State Targeted cost $4.99/1000 credits

We allow you to purchase and/or resell traffic to affiliate marketers, businesses and website owners. If you’re a traffic reseller, there are two options available for you on our website. You can choose to become a regular reseller, which allows you to gain a DISCOUNT CODE to use when purchasing traffic. Alternatively, you can become a premium reseller if you want a larger discount. More profit for you. You will be able to create users and set up campaigns as you need from your own non-branded cPanel.


Option 1 - Regular Reseller

You will receive a code to use at checkout to give you a small discount on our traffic prices. We will set up the campaign for you and email you Log In tracking details. You then can send to your client. 


Option 2 - Premium Reseller

You will get a set up reseller account with your credit purchase. You then can create users and set up campaigns as desired. You can send your clients log in details after you have set up the campaign(s). You must purchase credits 

We suggest that you create a account and use that as a tracking link to send your customers. We do NOT take Google Analytics as a form of proof of traffic delivery. However, we fully guarantee that will track your full campaign. 

Whatever the method you choose to use, it’s important to know your audiences and how to price correctly. Remember that the key to making a profit is by buying low and selling high.

Traffic reselling is easy if you know how to do it and if you know which resources to use. Once you know all these things then you are all set to make good money as a traffic reseller.


Send us an email regarding which type of reseller you want to join as. You can always switch if needed. Pricing we will send in the email reply.

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