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Guaranteed Website Traffic



We send high quality and targeted visitors to our client's websites via Domain Redirection. Domain redirect traffic is an automated process that is completely invisible to online visitors. When visitors type in or click a link to one of our domains, our customer's(your) website will appear in their web browser.

Advertising your business by buying cheap website traffic from us is easier, faster and cheaper than relying on organic search traffic via PPC and SEO. Generate thousands of visitors from desktops & mobile platforms straight to your site with a few clicks of a button. Take control of your traffic and drive more website visits to your business. Choose from over 300 different targeting options(verticals) and locations from around the world. Start & stop your campaign at any time from within your own dashboard. Easily check website traffic and control your daily visitor flow.

Get your website in-front of high quality, targeted visitors searching for your offers today.

Get your business in front of real targeted website visitors searching for your products RIGHT NOW. Millions are watching videos, playing games, shopping and just plain surfing on the web at any given moment. Now is the time to promote your products and services to a new audience. Visitors from our network want to hear what you have to say, so SHOUT IT OUT LOUD and get them in front of your website. You cannot increase sales if you do not have visitors flowing into your webpages on a daily basis. Each traffic type we have is different and will speak to what you are selling or promoting. 

Since our traffic is considered Adsense safe, you can promote just about any website niche. In general, most consumers buy the Country Targeted Traffic to have visitors from a specific target country. But if you offer services to a more local consumer then STATE traffic may be best. It will depend on your offer and target market. If you are unsure what type to choose, feel free to send us your URL and we will check it out before you buy. Any further questions just ask.


Targeted Website Traffic _ Domain Redirect Traffic


Creating a campaign on our network is simple. Click a Launch A Campaign button for your desired type. Complete the campaign form that you desire, Country or US State options. We will review and set up your campaign accordingly. Your promoted URL will be placed on our publisher websites that match your niche as selected. As consumers are surfing the web and type in a domain that matches a partner, that consumer is the redirected to our promoted website. Now the goal is to get that consumer to buy your product, offer or service. So as an example, let's say you are selling shoes. We would match your URL up with publishers that promote shoe sales on their website. Since the consumer was interested in buying shoes, now the goal is to get them to buy from you. It is a Win-Win solution. 


“I have been a reseller for years. I am in the auto marketing space and the traffic has been keeping my clients happy. No better partner."

Chris C. / CEO

“We started about 5 years ago testing some small campaigns and then we took off from there. My clients cannot be more pleased with the product they receive. Great job team"

Rob C./ Marketing Director


Are you interested is selling our traffic to your customers? Do you already sell marketing services and you want to increase your revenue? No matter the reason we would like to partner with you. Reach out to us on the steps needed and how the reseller process works. 


                What is a visit or page views? Is this the same as a hit or page loads?


We will send you QUALITY visitors that many services cannot provide or will deceive you into believing they are sending you high quality visitors. Many services send visitors who never even see your page! They use various tricks to send traffic so that it appears as if someone has actually visited your website.
On the other hand, all of the visitors we will send ACTUALLY SEE your website. A visit occurs when someone actually visits a domain name.
Don’t be confused by the term “hit.” A hit is not necessarily a visit. Technically, a hit occurs whenever your page is loaded. When loaded, your page generates many hits - one for each image you loaded and one for the page itself. In common usage, people are referring to visits when they talk about hits.

We encourage you to click a Demo link for a few examples of domain names we have in our network to promote our customers websites. You can visit each link to determine how your ad page is seen

Demo 1  Demo 2 Demo 3

                                          How many domains do you own?

Although we have over 2500 partnering websites, we advertise our customers websites on thousands of domain names. We do not disclose the domains where your website will be advertised because most of them are still available. Our domain registrar partners allow us to use them for free until they are registered.

                                How long will it take to start receiving visitors?

When you purchase a package, we will start your campaign within 12-16 hours. As soon as your campaign is live, visitors will start visiting your site. We guarantee you will receive the number of visits promised within 30 days. We will also supply you with the login information to check your stats in real-time

                            Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?

Your site must be LEGAL in the target country and must NOT contain any popup windows or other prompts on the page to which we send the traffic. Sites that contain illegal content, hate text or promote illegal activities are NOT allowed. All orders are accepted are subject to our terms and conditions of sale. Your order will be fully refunded within 72 hours if your website is not approved

                                      How many visitors will I receive daily?

You can specify the number of visitors you need daily with your traffic campaign via the Days

Which traffic type is best for my website/business? 

Great question. The answer can be more difficult. In general, if you are trying to build an audience and create brand awareness then go with our GEO-Targeted traffic. Similar if you're promoting anything more local then use our US State traffic. When promoting frame breaker sites such as Shopify stores, Automotive,  Clickbank and affiliate marketing offers along with Adsense we will use a different network to promote these type of websites. This is also true with AUTOMOTIVE dealer sites. 

Lastly if you are in need of Leads for DEBT RELIEF, CREDIT REPAIR or INSURANCE then reach out to us for pricing. 

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