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Active Double Opt-in Email Recipients Updated on a Weekly Basis.


We started these affordable package deals to help advertise medium and small businesses on the web. Whether you need to reach 25,000 or 250,000 targeted email recipients, we can help! It's easy and really fast, just select the package that is right for you and click on "Launch A Campaign". We use the newest technologies to broadcast your email campaigns to targeted email recipients efficiently and accurately. NO HIDDEN FEES. Our email campaigns include BOTH. The one-time rental of our email lists as well as the delivery of the amount of emails ordered. We accept both TEXT or HTML formatted email creatives. Simply copy and paste the text or html into the order form and we will send your login information to track he delivery in real-time within 24 hours only!

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  • Real-time Reporting

  • Full Online Support

  • 2% MINIMUM Click-Through Rate (CTR) Guarantee for Targeted email campaigns.

  • Free Site Approval & Consultation

  • Quick Activation of Your Campaign

  • Target recipients by Country, State and Category!

  • Don't pay for Unverified email addresses!

  • Don't pay to have your brand banned or blacklisted

  • Money-Back Guarantee!

If we fail to reach the percentage of CTR promised with your order, or in the time frame we say that it will be delivered, you will be refunded 100%. No questions asked! We will also keep your campaign online until you receive the number of clicks promised!


“I have been a reseller for years. I am in the auto marketing space and the traffic has been keeping my clients happy. No better partner."

Chris C. / CEO

“We started about 5 years ago testing some small campaigns and then we took off from there. My clients cannot be more pleased with the product they receive. Great job team"

Rob C./ Marketing Director


* Accounts that have not submitted content within 3 days of sending may have their send date cancelled and rescheduled at our convenience.

* Xtreme Visitors reserves the right to postpone the send date up to 7 business days under extreme circumstances. In the event that the date is changed by Xtreme Visitors no additional fees will apply.

* Accounts will be sent out on scheduled date before 5pm PST. In the event that the click-thru guarantee has not been reached within 7 days of the first mailing. An additional mailing will be scheduled for the next available date.

* Any website that is offline, down or interrupted understands that we cannot shut off traffic being delivered from previous email sent out. Traffic delivered during this time will not be credited.

* Since Xtreme Visitors cannot guarantee the amount of response to any given campaign mailing, the advertiser must understand that it may take up to 90 days to deliver the full amount stated in our guarantee.

* Client will be notified by email when the campaign begins. Support matters must be submitted through our ticketing system.

* Xtreme Visitors is not responsible for any errors in content or links that are submitted by client.

* Xtreme Visitors makes no warranties or guarantees towards sales of your products or services.


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